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Exciting news, our new CHAPS programme is starting!

The CHAPs role is a support for the Registered Nurses. CHAPs can deliver care, administer medications and write care plans for our residents.

The CHAPs programme is an enhanced health care assistant role that will, after a period of extensive training and competency assessments, enable those qualified to provide care and clinical interventions to enhance the resident experience and the level of care residents receive under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Every day our CHAPS will, support the nurses acting as a nursing assistant and delivering excellent standards of clinical care.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity, I will get to train and to be more than a care assistant. I won’t be on my own, I will have a nurse with me. I am so excited”

For a CHAPS, it all starts with unique hands-on training; from administering medication and taking blood pressure, to putting care plans into practice. CHAPS support our nurses, and in turn, they’ll continually support the CHAPS. As the link between our nursing and care teams, CHAPS will quickly develop leadership skills, confidence and careers within social care, with opportunities to progress if they choose, whether that’s progressing into nursing, management or both.Well done to all the sucessful applicants.

Watch this space for photographs and updates from our CHAPS trainees!

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